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p.p. Shastri Swami Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami


Jogi swami

Rev. sadguru shastri Balkrishnadasji swami, the spiritual heir of Jogi swami and learned in Vachanamrit prominent figure in satsang, strictly observing the order of Shriji maharaj and making others observe has settled here with group of his saints and parshads.

Main Activities of institute :-

Religious assemblies

Religious assemblies are held on every Sunday of Gujarati month calendar, attended by hundreds of devoted for acquiring spiritual knowledge, salvation and peace.

All sectarian festivals are celebrated with great pomp, enthusiasm and joy.

Every year a series of lectures is held on Vachanamrit and other accredited books of the sect.

Rev.Sadguru Shastri Balkrishnadasaji swami’s satsang tours constantly go on along with his group of disciples in small and big villages, town, cities, states and abroad also to spread and convey message of lord Swaminarayan.

Recitation of Bhaktachintamani is being performed for pacification of threefold troubles of satsangis.

Spiritual, religious and social activities are going on through different organized groups of young men , women and children.

A planning for the ‘Home for the old’ i.e. ‘Shanti Niketan’ for peaceful and religions couples is also under consideration.

Publication of religious books, CD,VCD etc, is also in progress for propaganda, spread and nourishment of satsang.

Programmes are held to divert the waves of addiction, fashion and sensual pleasures and weaternization of the young generation and preserving Indian culture.

In cities like Rajkot , Surat , Ahmedabad ,Junagadh etc. local satsangis hold satsang assemblies everymonth for the nourishment of their satsang.

Special assemblies for young people and children also meet in a month to nourish satsang in their life and keep away from worldly happiness.

social activities

Institute is always ready to help in natural calamities like earth quake ,flood, drought etc. with food, wealth, clothes etc.

Institute inspires students by giving prizes to ranker students and by providing with money & books to poor students.

Rev. Sadguru Shastri Balkrishna swami’s main motto is “ To establish Lord Swaminarayan and his messages in the hearts of the people” .