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p.p. Shastri Swami Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami


Spectacular Places:-

1) Old Swaminarayan temple & Kashtabhanjan dev ( Hanumanji ) :-

DSC_0029Kashtabhanjan dev

Rev. Gunatitanand swami’s deciple sadguru Vrajanand swami established Swaminarayan temple near Ram temple at Fareni. Everyday so many people come and get their wish fulfilled and find peace.Shri Ramanand swami established idol Hanumanji maharaj in the compound of this temple to remove difficulties of devotees. Then after sadguru Balmukunddas swami established other idol of Hanumanji to fulfill wishes of devotees. Everyday many devotees come and get happiness. There is no such temple where two idols of Hanumanji reside in the same premises of a single temple in the world.Many pilgrimes come by walking from Dhoraji or from nearby villages to worship Hanumanji maharaj and Lord swaminarayan to fulfill their wishes.Every year on the day of kalichaudas , there is Yagna (Havan) for Hanumanji maharaj, and on the full moon day of chaitra, there is Patotsva of Hanumanji Maharaj.

2) Bhadravati step well:-


Bhadravati step well

To the north of village Fareni, on Gundala village road , there is a holy Bhadravati step-well. In this well Lord swaminarayan , Ramanand swami and many saints and devotees had taken bath. So the step well and its water are very holy.


Old Swaminarayan temple

Near by this step well, Ramanand Swami’s funeral ceremony was performed by Lord Swaminarayan. Today at this place , there is big chhatri to worship and fulfill wishes.

3) Sahjanand Sanskar Dham:-
H.H.Shastri Balkrishnadasji swami established sahajanand sanskar dham in year 2002 AD keeping mission to develop the birth place of swaminarayan mahamantra and spread fragrance of Fareni in whole of the world.Here, first of all, he constructed a three storeyed building having various category of rooms for pilgrimes to live & get rest. Then, in 2010 AD idol of Ghanshyam Maharaj was installed by H.H 1008 Rakesh Prasadji Maharaj on Labh Pacham day with great celebration.In the premises of sanskar dham, there ischhatri with charnarvind of lord. Nearby chhatri, there was Sundar river. Lord swaminarayan, Ramanand swami and other saints-devotees used to bath many times in the river and made assembly at the place of chhatri where was a big rayan tree.In Sanskardham, whole time devotees are welcome and satisfied with free food and shelter. After Swaminarayan mantra mahotsav 210 celebration, so many pilgrimes come here daily from far away places also and get satisfication by worshipping the god and sant samagam. H.H.Shastri Balkrishnadasji swami is always happy to care pilgrimes and solve their difficulties and establish god in their hearts.

Welcome To Fareni Dham