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p.p. Shastri Swami Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami

Guru Maharaj

H.H.S Jogi Swami Shree Dharma Prasaddasji
Birth : v. s. 1949, the eleventh day of the bright half of Bhadarva
Time : 11-00 p.m.
Lunar mansion : Shravan (Nakshtra)
Occasion (Yog) : Auspicious
Operation (Karan) ; Bavkaran
Zodiac sign : Capricorn (Makar)

Rev. Sadguru Jogi Swami Shri Dharmaprasaddasji Swami of Junagadh, whose life-sketch is going to be written here, lived on this earth for 92 years and it is a very difficult task to make an account of his deeds during the long ife. However I am trying to note down the tasks carried on by him for the upliftment and establishment of religion. As the moon of Sharad Purnima is at its fullest form, so was Rev. Sadguru Jogi Swami, a perfect saint. He followed orders of Shriji Maharaj and Guru Maharaj. Including commands my prayer with that of Sadguru Nishkulanand swami, I write: Evaa sant sada shubhmati, jakta dosh nahin ema rati, Saune aape heet oopdesh, evaa sant ne namoo hu shish. Sadgunana sindhoo gambhir, sthir mati atishay dheer, Maan abhimaan naihn lesh, evaa sant ne namoo hu shish. Ahankaar nahi abhed chitta, kaam krodh, lobh, moh jeet Indriya jiti bhaje Jagdish, evaa sant ne namoo hu shish.

Graciously he took birth at village Koyli near Vanthali (Sorath) on 21-09-1893, v.s. 1949, the eleventh day of the bright half of the month of Bhadarva. His mother Shamuben left for the god’s abode at the age of four and his father Laljibhai at the age of six. He passed the young age as a rose among the thorns. Makwana family was considered to be prestigeous and great. Being an idol of detachment from the pre-stage, Dayabhai could not adjust at a relative’s. He was married to Rudiben. Dayabhai Khanpara’s daughter of Vanthali in v.s. 1957, at the age of 8. He performed odd tasks in farming and kept contact with saints whenevr they arrived at Shapur. once, the engrossed one in the service had a chance to escort saints from Shapur to Thanapipli alongwith the group of disciples of Hrishi Swami Shri Krishnacharandasji from Junagadh. in a cart. Ramcharandasji , personified form of detachment was there. He did not get on the cart but walked on together. While walking, he talked of aversion ,
hittting the mark. Hearing, Dayabhai had the disclosure of aversion and he came back at Shapur and then went straight to thanapipli and joined in in the Swami’s movement. As no obstacle hindered Nilkanth Varni who had directly arrived on this earth from Akshardham, so it happened that no kith and kin could harass Dayabhai from becoming an ascetic. He came to Junagadh after handing over Rs. 150/- received for his divorce to his relative Bhovanbhai. Duda. He got initiated as a ‘Parshad’ for eight months. His master Hrishi Swami, having seen his saintliness got him initiated into Bhagavati Diksha at Gadhda by H. H. 1008 Acharya Maharaj Shri Shripatiprasadji Maharaj on the eleventh day of the bright half of the month of Bhadarva of v. s. 2069 and named as ‘Dharmaprasaddasji’. Having got initiated as an ascetic Dharmaprasaddasji Swami came into contact with competent Sadguru Swami Shri Balmukunddasji Swami, Sadguru Swami Shri Narayandasji Swami,Sadguru Swami Shri Tyagvallabhdasji Swami, Sadguru Swami Shri Rugnathcharandasji Swami,Sadguru Swami Shri Dharmakeshavdasji Swami, the Inition Master HrishiSwami Shri Krishnaswaroopdasji Swami, and he did get their willingness. Dharmaprasaddasji Swami who was vowed of renouncement and aversion mentally, in acts and speech, always engaged himself in the service of the temple, store and other services with observing fasts, penance and control of senses. Therefore Sadguru Swami Shri Narayandasji Swami, said to other saints,” Subsist as this Jogi subsists, if you need pleasing .” From that day he got the nick name ‘Jogi’. The next time while marble was being fitted in the circumambualtion path at Junagadh temple, Sadguru Swami Shri Narayandasji Swami proposed for Rs.150/- of the divorce custom from Jogi Swami and he got the money from the relative of the pre-stage and handed them over to the Swami.Sadguru Swami Shri Narayandasji Swami naturally blessed, “There will be heaps of rupees on your words and things will be as per you desire.”

beying competent Sadgurus, Rev. Jogi Swami carried on activities like Jalzilani Mahotsava, Centennial festival of Surat , Idol Installation at Jetpur, Construction of ladies’ temple at Piplana alongwith idol installation festival, beginning of building up the banks of the river cOzat., rennovation of the temple at Vanthali, Construction of a peaked temple at Piplana and made all the Sadgurus and the Acharya Maharaj please. Sadguru Swami Shri Krishnaswaroopdasji Swami, the disciple of Sadguru Swami Aksharswaroopdasji Swami had got many new temples consstructed. He had preserved consecrated places of Shriji Maharaj and got built many platforms and shrines. Jogi Swami carried on this heritage from his master. In the villages Zamka, Vangdhra, Gorana of Babariyavad, and Khambha and Bhader (Dhaari) of Haliyad, he got new temples built and rennovated temples of Anida and Thanapipli.Sadguru Jogi Swami amazingly carried on activities of satsanga growth, cultivating satsangis into good behaviour as well as constructing new temples. He shared miseries of sastangies zealously during movement (in satsanga).His life was simple, enjoying, different & fearless. The satsangis came to him fearlessly for his discourses.The Swami calmed down their desires through religious discourses. During his life period of 92 he visited thousands of villages & cities, held religious assemblies and led all to God through religious discourses. Any person devoid of caste and creed, even not beliveing in Vedas or any Jain person, was always impressed by Jogi Swami, directly or indirectly. His was such a personality as would calm down a soul just by keeping him safety offering hand. For the welfare and teaching of many, he himself became attained, attaintment and thing to be attained. The whole of his life was a living scripture of religion and spirituality. Rev. Jogi Swami could explain even the most complex philosophical thought in dialect understood by all.

Jogi Swami could criticise in such a form as to be understood by the commonest person.His style of religious discourses was straight, simple, to the point & original in form.
Rev. Sadguru Shastri Swami Balkrishnadasji Swami noted down his religious discourses and presented in the form of ‘SAKSHAAT SAVITA’ to the satsanga society This ‘SAKSHAAT SAVITA’ is the manifested scripture of His time and approved by himself Rev. Jogi Swami always held a positive approach for removing impurities of peole. He got illiterate and rustic satsangis learn by heart Shri Hari’s superhuman ‘Vachanamrit’ so as to the principle’ ‘ and got the ‘Vachanamrit’ speaking verbally and thus trained the congregation of urban and rural satsangis It was the principle of Jogi Swami to offer goodness in responding to evil. He was always prepared to show mercy to his evil doers. It has never occured in his life to have cursed anybody or desired evil for anybody. Even when any follower of his committed any fault he himself proceeded to him and pardoned his fault.
Rev. Jogi Swami presented his point of view infront of his keen satsangis.”I have come not to create inconsistency but to create harmony”. Rev. Jogi Swami had divine power to attract public mind through impression. He had amazing strength to inspire people for higher spirituality. And this was his greatness and divinity. He had great love and compassion for character building among children and erection in their life. Shri Sahajanand Swami Gurukul Vanthali, (Sorath) was established to impart embellishment among children living life like animals and offered thousands of children, a worth way of living life. Children used to to go to school at Shapur after having ‘darshan’ of Rev. Jogi Swami and returned at Gurukul.Rev. Jogi Swami recallled the student who had not come back from school for any work at school. He loved about 250 children just by looking at them,

Those who had ‘darshan’ of Jogi Swami would have certainly an experience that (1) There was an astonishing magic in his eyes and it had been in his speech and style of walking. (2) It seemed that a stream of loving heart flew from his eyes. (3) All bowed before him, being attracted by his dignified form. Even today I can’t forget the touch of his fearless hand.Longimanus Rev. Jogi Swami has destroyed miseries of lots of satsangis.Rev. Jogi Swami, ending miseries and bestowing happiness used to sit in the assembly hall to his last breath. He has never closed up reading and recitation. He has made Sadhus clad in white by preserving the heritage of Gunatitanand Swami, i.e. negation for worldly pleasures, of relatives, favour of Sankhya and Yoga and refutation as well as favouring Aagna (command) and Upasana (way of worship). Such was his excellence. In the last stage of life, he volited many times to allow him to go for the Akshardham. Sometimes showed sadness, gave up meal and used to say, “ I have no hunger.” Haribhaktas were also saddened and miserable.Rev. Shastri Swami got him to wear spectacles and then looking at sorrowful faces of Haribhaktas melted and spoke aloud. “Nothing is wrong. Bring food for me. “It was the extra month of Shravan when he wanted to leave for the abode. He used to tell to keen Haribhaktas, “This month of Shravan is mine.” Many were surprised to hear this and many even could not follow the conotation seriously and when on the eighth day of the extra month of Shravan independently left this human body, then all knew Why Rev. Jogi Swami said,” This month is mine.” Thus Rev. Swami left this physic independently and joined in the service of Shri Hari forever. Rev. Jogi Swami got all his disciples join in the activities of their capability. He appointed Sadguru Mohanprasaddasji Swami as the store-keeper (Kothari) of Swaminarayan temple -Piplana.

Rev. Jogi Swami did not leave for the abode, leaving these satsangis in helpless position.Sadguru Jogi Swami has also got The Swaminarayan Temple at Mahamantra Pith Fareni, near Dhoraji rennovated through service from satsangis. Its stone inscription is still there at the temple. Sadguru Shastri Swami Balkrishnadasji, the utmost obedient of the Master Shri Jogi Swami‘s order, has established Shri Sahajanand Sanskar Dham at this Mahamantra Pith, has been extinguishing the fire of miseries of souls through his discourses as the following lines justify : Teen Taap Ki Jaar Jaryo Praani Koi aave, Takoo Sheetal Karat Turat Dil daah Boojaave.Recently, Shri Swaminarayan Temple Board, Junagadh have resolved and handed over Shri Swaminarayan Temple Fareni with a view to developing it, to Sadguru Shastri Shri Balkrishnadasji Swami. Sadguru Shastri Swami has taken over the whole responsibility. The management of the temple has already been started by a group of saints.

His Mahamantra Pith, Village Fareni has been transferred to Fareni (Swaminaryan) . Satsang seeds have been sown among villagers. The consecrated one but latent place has been turned out to be a sentient . The heritage of the knowledge of Vachanamrut has been preserved intact here.In 1993 A.D. centennial festival of Rev. Jogi Swami was celebrated as ‘Swaminarayan Mahotsava’, In the year 2000 A.D. Bi-centennial ‘Diksha Mahotsava” was celebrated. and nowadays drums of ‘The manifestation of Swaminarayan Mahamantra’ have been trumpted to celebrate 210 year Festival following principles of Rev. Jogi Swami, Sadguru Shastri Swami has been carrying on ‘Niyam Abhiyan’ through out the country and abroad.

He has been fulfilling desires of satsangis by writing ‘Fareni Mahatmya’. Rev. Sadguru Shastri Swami has been propitiating his Master by getting more and more people to worship God, the only activity that Shri Jogi Swami had dear and near to his heart. This is the unbroken flame ignited by Lord Swaminarayan which will enlighten the whole satsanga.