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p.p. Shastri Swami Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami
Dear Devotees

Lord sahjanand swami declared his name “SWAMINARAYAN” at fareni on the fourteenth day of the obscure of Shri Ramanand swami in assembly of 25000 devotees and this way uddhav creed turned into swaminarayan creed. This grand historical day was Thursday 31/12/1801. Lord swaminarayan sent Shitaldas into trance and showed Akshardham only by the incantation “SWAMINARAYAN”. Then by chanting only “swaminarayan” mantra all present devotees went into trance and saw akshardham.


Shitaldas and all present devotees believed in Lord swaminarayan and considered him as supreme of all gods i. e. Purna Purusottam. This way, the village Fareni is having origin of swaminarayan creed & swaminarayan incantation.Until A.D. 2002, this Fareni the root of swaminarayan creed remained mostly unexposed in the world. H. H. Shastri Balkrishnadasaji Swami came to Fareni with his saints and established Sahjanand Sanskar Dham.But in A.D. 2011, H.H.Shastri Balkrishnadasji swami celebrated 210th birth anniversary of “swaminarayan” mantra with great enthusiasm and spread the name “fareni” all over the world.